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The Inspector Rebecca Mayfield Mysteries


A foggy night. A dog's bark. This one just turned personal ...

Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield hopes to come to terms with her confused emotions over alluring but troubling boyfriend Richie Amalfi, but her plans quickly change when her neighbor is viciously attacked. And it seems one of Richie's former girlfriends holds the key to the situation. As the body count grows, Rebecca's investigation takes a deadly turn when she becomes the killer's target.

Rebecca and Richie find themselves on a danger-filled route from a cold and foggy Pacific Ocean beach to the chambers of City Hall to the back alleys of San Francisco's Chinatown. Between killers on-the-loose, plus new as well as old "friends" to deal with, Rebecca isn't sure which one of them might prove to be the biggest threat to her life … or to her heart.

Five O'Clock Twist is the fifth book in the best-selling Inspector Rebecca Mayfield series--fast-paced mysteries with a touch of humor and a hint (or more) of romance. If you start with One O'Clock Hustle, you'll find that the hours seem to fly by ...

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Ancient Secrets Series


Archeologist Michael Rempart finds himself pitted against ancient demons and modern conspirators when a dying priest gives him a powerful artifact--a pearl said to have granted Genghis Khan the power, eight centuries ago, to lead his Mongol warriors across the steppes to the gates of Vienna. The artifact has set off centuries of war and destruction as it conjures demons to play upon men's strongest ambitions and cruelest desires.

As much as Michael would like to ignore the artifact, when he sees horrific deaths and experiences, first-hand, diabolical possession and affliction, he has no choice but to act. To stop the artifact's evil Michael must follow a path along the Old Silk Road to a land that time forgot, and to somehow find a place that may no longer exist in the world as he knows it.

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The Angie & Friends Food & Spirits Mysteries


Gourmet cook Angie Amalfi has big plans for her life as a soon-to-be married woman, but between nervous kitchen remodelers, clever murderers, and possibly ghosts, nothing is going as planned.

Angie hopes a romantic evening out with her fiancé, HomicideInspector Paavo Smith, will bring a welcome reprieve from the hectic pace ofremodeling the older house that she and Paavo bought in hopes of making itmove-in ready before their upcoming wedding. But circumstances--worldly andseemingly other-worldy--conspire against her. Not the least of which is hernewest acquaintance, a lonely heiress, who quickly involves Angie in theheiress's bizarre family history of indiscretions, high finances, and murder.

Angie suspects the key to all the weirdness going on with the family lies in the mansion that is now in her new friend's hands--a place that,if it isn't haunted, certainly looks as if it should be. Angie drags several old cohorts into the fray to help her newest pal, but as the situation gets murkier, Angie soon wonders if she'll ever see her own happy ending.

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Just for fun ...


An Angie Amalfi Cookbook of Favorite Desserts


Cozy mystery book lovers have been treated to a steady diet of scrumptious Angie Amalfi culinary mysteries since the mid-1990's. The books are a banquet of mostly Italian entrees and desserts, as befitting Angie Amalfi's heritage. In this cookbook, you'll find fifty fabulous dessert recipes, including an easy tiramisu, a simple cannoli, lots of biscotti, as well as a number of non-Italian but still mouth-watering recipes such as almond praline meringue cake, linzer torte, and even some French macarons.

The recipes and the whimsical watercolors that go along with them are derived from family favorites of the cookbook's author (the award-winning USA Today bestselling author of the Angie Amalfi mysteries) and its illustrator (an award-winning watercolor artist), who happen to be sisters. They hope this unique and easy-to-use cookbook will become a permanent part of any cookbook collection.

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Other Books

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